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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

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You have undoubtedly noticed the progress of sidewalk construction along Gulf Beach Highway. As the construction is now at our doorstep the following comments are germane and may answer questions that you have concerning the project:

  • 1. There is no cost to the association for the project.
  • 2. The plans for the construction of the sidewalk along our Association northern border have been reviewed and approved by your LHOA BOD.
  • 3. The county was very responsive to concerns and changes suggested by your BOD to the plans originally proposed by county engineers which impacted Association property.
  • 4. The changes suggested by your BOD and approved by the county result in minimal impact to our entrances and landscaping. Worst case a few LHOA plants will be temporarily relocated during the construction phase.
  • 5. Neither entrance will have to be closed to facilitate construction.
  • 6. Temporary lanes closures along Gulf Beach Highway at the mouth of our entrance ways will occur to allow cement trucks access to the entrances. Flag men and cones will warn of the lane closures.
  • 7. The projected time to complete the project impacting the Landfall community is approximately two weeks.
  • 8. The county project to line both the north and south sides of Gulf Beach Highway with sidewalks will continue eastbound all the way to Navy Blvd.
  • 9. LHOA will be responsible as we are now for maintaining the landscaping along the easement on which the sidewalks will be built.
  • 10. Should you have questions or concerns about the project please contact our property manager Shawn Millard of PSRi.

    • On a separate note two other issues are worthy of mention.
      a) Multiple sightings have been reported of a coyote on Association property. While generally not aggressive toward people concern for other small animals and pets is warranted. Should you see the coyote and be able to identify its location contact animal control. Animal control will respond only to a confirmed and localized sighting.
      b) We have received reports from other nearby "gated communities" that coordinated groups of intruders have attempted to gain access to their Association properties. Should you notice any suspicious behavior by individuals on Landfall or our Maritime Association property please contact law enforcement and PSRi immediately.

      Now that the heat of the summer has abated come join your neighbors as we celebrate our annual Octoberfest on October 27. A flyer with details concerning this event is being circulated by your social committee. If questions contact Shawn Millard of PSRi.


      Dan McCort
      President, Landfall Homeowners Association

      Notice of Landfall Homeowners' Association Board Meeting
      Date: TBD
      Day: TBD
      Location: TBD
      Time: TBD

      Our monthly newsletter has been published. Read it here.

      Oktoberfest pictures now up!
      View the Photo Gallery

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